Patti Gehrke is a “local” of Belmont Shore for over 50 years. She attended all the neighborhood schools from Lowell Elementary to Wilson High School and graduated from Long Beach State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Not knowing what to do with her art background she traveled the world... finally living in South Africa for 3 years, where she first became interested in graphic design.  

Patti has worked from her home studio as a graphic designer for the past 30 years. She is also an interior designer, wall muralist and, of course, party planner!  Her other interests include yoga, meditation and golf. All of these capabilities helped create the extraordinary Champagne & Canvas experience.

Meet Patti!

Meet Rita!

Spunky, Energetic, Helpful.. how do you describe Rita? Bringing lots of spice to the class, Rita makes the class very enjoyable besides being a fantastic helper!

Meet Kathy!


Kathy Ediss lives in Norco - Horsetown USA, with her husband, for over 18 years. Although she has no time for horses now, she has been an avid rider since she was 10. And loves to do just about anything that takes her out-of-doors.

When not planning a painting party, Kathy works from home as a consultant in interior design, marketing and event planning. She also volunteers for MADD and Women Wonder Writers, a non-profit organization in Riverside.